Mental Wellness

In any given year 1 in 5 Adults will experience a diagnosable mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or bi-polar disorder. Of those diagnosed, more than half will go without treatment. Educating your organization about mental health and wellness creates a strong, effective workforce. 

Workshop Overview

Taking care of our mental health is paramount to our overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of how exactly to do so. We end up dealing with the effects of unbalanced or deteriorating mental health through missed days at work, lacking motivation, and unhelpful downtime. The Mental Wellness Workshop is designed to raise awareness of how the outside world is impacting our mental health. Throughout the workshop we discuss what stress is, how to recognize and be more mindful of its effects, identify and develop a beneficial self-care routine, and learn what coping skills are and how to effectively implement them. At the end of the workshop participants should have a greater understanding of why taking care of our mental health is important and should be able to apply the learned strategies to create a healthier mental state.

Perfect for small businesses, leadership teams, church staff, educators, those in serving professions, and anyone looking to grow their understanding of the importance of mental wellness.

Length of workshop: 3 hours

To learn more or schedule a workshop for your organization call 256-503-8586 or email 

Client Testimonials

Check out what past workshop participants have to say:

Khristen Price

owner, Parlour Hush 
Styling Social

“As a business owner I feel this content was valuable to my team because I saw team members change the way they do every day life so that they may better meet their personal needs and in turn provide better quality service for their clients. I would recommend the workshop to anyone looking to bring common sense practices to every day life of their team. This is a way to help teams manage stress and feelings of overwhelm on a everyday basis. As a leader in my organization I feel much more secure knowing that we have to be intentional and can do something with the stresses of life. There is a great peace knowing that with intention and follow through comes change.”

Haley Beth Hilliard

Parlour Hush 
Styling Social

“I would suggest this workshop to anyone that needs help managing stress in your life, especially work related stress! Rachel and Hannah had some great exercises and advice for us on how to balance work and our every day life, they also taught us what healthy self care is and how important it is to make time for it! I think the thing that has stuck with me the most from the workshop was definitely the body scan exercise, anytime I feel overwhelmed at work or at home it helps me take a second to ground myself so I can move forward with my day. I would take this work shop again tomorrow, it’s so worth it!”