What is different about Solid Ground Counseling Center?

At its foundation Solid Ground is a place of love and hopeLife can be challenging, ugly, and difficult to navigate. In these tough times we typically feel unloved, alone, unseen, and hopeless. The work done at Solid Ground is intended to assist the client is seeing they are not alone, and refocus the mind to ones strengths, while facilitating emotional healing.

But how do I do that?

A core belief at Solid Ground is that in order for a person to cultivate any positive change of circumstances in life, one must feel loved. This is achieved by seeing each client as a unique person. Using an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for each client, therapeutic work conducted at Solid Ground should invigorate the client, and flood hope into their life. From this place of love and hope, the client can take on the challenge of directing positive growth in their life.

Positive growth? What exactly does that mean?

Growth looks different for everyone. Each circumstance is different, and thus must be treated as such. Positive growth is that which moves the client in a positive direction, towards a place of healthier functioning. Since therapy is a deeply personal journey, the client should ultimately be in charge of what that journey looks like. While there will certainly be therapeutic input, the course of life is lived by the client, and thus should be chosen by the client. Therapy will be a collaborative (joint) effort between client and therapist to create a realistic, desirable outcome that works best for the client.

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