What does therapy look like?

In a regular session, therapy looks a lot like a conversation. Although there is work to be done, the work happens as we talk. There won’t be many “how are you feeling” type of questions, so much as there will be a natural dialogue of therapist learning how to assist the client in meeting their goals. Especially in early sessions, clients can expect questions about their background, as well as their future desires. Each session will vary in specific content, depending on where the client is in the treatment process, but will continue to build on previous sessions and work towards the client-directed end goal. Select this link to read about the therapy types used at Solid Ground Counseling Center.

How do I become a client?

You can click here to establish a new client account online. Or you can set up an intake appointment by calling 256-503-8586.


Mental health care, the health care umbrella that marriage and family therapy falls under, is subject to the same HIPAA rules and regulations as seeing your primary care provider. As such, your personally identifiable information (PII) is kept confidential. Solid Ground Counseling Center uses a secure, HIPAA compliant platform for scheduling, client registration, and record keeping. This is in an effort to help you rest easy. When you choose Solid Ground you won’t need to worry about confidentiality and safety.

Session Length

All sessions are 50 minutes, unless otherwise noted. Some work with children will be dictated by child’s tolerance of session work. In cases where the child is unable to have a productive session, sessions may be cut short. Depending on the amount of time lost, fees may be adjusted.

Session Cost

Sessions with Rachel are billed at $80/ hour, sessions with Hannah are billed at $50/hour, regardless of the number of individuals in your session. There are no new client fees. All fees are due at time services are rendered.


Solid Ground Counseling Center does not bill insurance. All sessions must be paid for privately. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and are happy to provide referrals for therapists who bill insurance.

Cancelling Appointments

Appointments made through the online client portal cannot be cancelled less that 24 hours before appointment time. These appointments MUST be cancelled over the phone with your therapist. Repeat cancellations may result in a referral. Please note, sessions cancelled within 24 hours of appointment will result in a charge of 1/2 your session fee.


We respect your time, and ask that you respect ours. Although we understand that sometimes emergencies happen, therapy cannot produce positive outcomes when it is not taken seriously. Repeated no-shows may result in a referral. Please note, no-shows will be charged 1/2 the session fee.

Termination of Treatment

Therapy is your journey. At intake, we will establish therapy outcomes, or goals that you desire to be met over the course of treatment. These goals will be continually worked towards as part of the session work. As treatment progresses and goals are met, we will discuss termination of treatment. Termination happens in a collaborative way, and only once treatment goals are met.

What if I need my treatment records, or am going to court?

We understand that sometimes life throws us a curveball. In the event that you will need paperwork prepared for use outside of the therapy room, additional charges apply. Please review here for a list of those applicable charges.


Solid Ground Counseling Center is located in the Midway Office Center at 9694 Madison Blvd. Suite B5 in Madison, AL 35758. Our suite is located on the back portion of the parking lot, in building “B”.